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The Grolleau Gris in maceration! An “astonishing” wine because it is unique. Here is a new variation of this beautiful grape variety from the Pays de Retz

Grape varieties planted and yields:

100 % Grolleau gris – 60hL/ha


Soil type:

Sand and fine silt over micaschist


Age of the vines:

30 years


Method of vinification:

Harvesting is carried out by hand with the grapes transported in small crates. The grapes are sorted in the vineyard and the cellar
We carry out several picking sessions in the vineyards in order to harvest the ripest grapes
Spontaneous fermentation
Daily Punch-down and pumping-over
Racking before aging (9 months)
No filtration, no fining

Number of bottles produced:

3 000


Tasting notes:

A pink color with slight orange reflections. Cloudy wine for maximum chew
Aromas of rose, grapefruit, candied morello cherry and bergamot
A round attack on the red fruit, especially the watermelon, followed by small bitterness which accompanies a lingering finish


Serving advice:

To be served not too cold, around 11° and to open in a good mood around a nice dish; if possible within 3 years for maximum fruit


Stir-fried chicken with curry and coconut milk,

Hard cheese platter; Cow and sheep or goat milk,

Turmeric Breaded Bluefin Tuna Tataki on Vegetarian Skillet