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A true food wine which will let you rediscover this grape variety differently

Florès is the name of an indonesian sea and one of the Lesser Sunda Islands. In french, Florès also means „to flourish » ; That’s what we wish for this cuvee

Grape varieties planted and yields:

100 % Grolleau gris – 60hL/ha


Soil type:

Sandy-loam over shale


Age of the vines:

20 years


Method of vinification:

Harvesting by hand
Slow pneumatic pressing ensuring a good aromatic extraction
Temperature controlled settling and fermentation
No malolactic fermentation to preserve freshness
Light filtration at the time of bottling


Number of bottles produced:

9 000


Tasting notes:

The Grolleau Gris creates a yellow-pink hue
Aromas of grapefruit and exotic fruit with a touch of white pepper
Lively on entry to the palate
After a supple, round and fruity attack, the wine reveals generosity with a light and delicate bitter finish. The nose is open and dominated by yellow and exotic fruit scents


Serving advice:

This wine is to be served cool but not chilled (ca. 11°) For relaxed drinking with friends. Drink within 3 years to enjoy the best of the fruit.

Sliced chicken with curry sauce and coconut milk

Small fried egg rolls with nunc mat sauce with dressed salad and fresh mint leaves, 

Potato – smoked herring- salad with Kampot black pepper,

Grilled cuttlefish „Armoricaine“