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AOP Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu / Lie “Les Parcelles”


Each plot selected for this wine contributes something to the blend. The result is this Muscadet-Côtes-de-Grandlieu, which remains true to its vocation to be a fresh, clean and fruity wine that will pair nicely with any number of simple, light dishes.

Grape varieties planted and yields:

100 % Melon de Bourgogne 55hL/ha


Soil type:

Shallow soil,
Stony sandy-clay loam with quartz blocks over micaschist


Age of the vines:

40 years on average


Vineyard management:

Guyot Simple or short pruning (2×3 eyes) to obtain a yield of 50hl/ha
Soil maintained by a hoeing and/or a shallow ploughing of the soil


Method of vinification:

Harvesting by hand and machine.
Juice settling and fermentation maintained at 18°C
The grapes from each plot are vinified separately
The wines are kept on their fermentation lees for 6 months
No racking is carried out. The blending of the different vats takes place at the time of the bottling in March or April
To guarantee the consistency of the wine, there is only one bottling per vintage


Number of bottles per vintage:

40 000


Tasting notes:

Pale green tints
Floral nose of white peaches, grapefruit and green apples, evolving towards mineral notes
Lovely lemony acidity.
Slight natural sparkle which is fresh and thirst-quenching on entry to the palate before revealing a good structure and giving way to a fruit and almond finish


Number of bottles produced:

40 000


Serving advice:

Best served at a temperature of 10° or 11°C
Open within 3 years to enjoy all its freshnessr

Courgette terrine with mackerel,

Cod fillet with beurre blanc,

Terrine of whiting with scallops and lemon cream,


Goat’s & sheep’s cheeseboard